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Ann Demeulesmeester

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Kanye West

Kanye West

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Orange Juice

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As good as OJ is in the morning…I love it just as much the rest of the times of the day. This weekend I will update all of you on the men’s Fall 09 lines. Some amazing stuff. Till then check out a little Clapton

New life

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Is it just me or does his daughters look scared to death what the next four years of their lives may hold.


Finding $20 in my pocket

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I put the iPod on shuffle this morning and found some music that I haven’t listened to so long. I listen to albums or songs so much for a period of time I get burnt out on them and put them on the shelf for a while. Then on mornings like to day I rediscover the gems all over again. It’s like finding $20 in your jeans pocket on a rainy day! 

Yesterday I was able to watch the inauguration. Fairly amazing. Watching history in the making is something special. I’m excited about this Presidency. I don’t agree with everything President Obama stands for, but I didn’t see eye to eye with the rest of them either. But the energy he brings to the White House and some of things he plans on doing gives me some hope. With environmental  issues, the economy, and Iraq…he definantly has his work cut out for him. Its going to be an interesting journey.

Crash and Burn

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If you enjoying watching people push things to the limit and almost die…